xtra: the art of unapologetic confidence

Here she is.
xtra: the more.

This little movement of love
and unapologetic confidence.

Most of us are looking to give
ourselves permission to just be.

And my hope is maybe. Just, maybe.
In this space.

Something says to you, yes.
You are doing it right.
And you got it down.
Being yourself is one of the
easiest and hardest things to be.

So, here she is. Hello, world.
Hope she finds her place in your heart.

Welcome to xtra: the more.

Grab my hand, I got your heart, let's go.

xo, C

your more is waiting!

xtra: the membership

A monthly program created
for women like you who
deserve to live with
unapologetic confidence.

let's go. i got you.

xtra: the art of being

This #1 new release is meant for
those who want permission and inspiration to be themselves.

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A one x one session to become the more unapologetically confident you.

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